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New Compact Track Mounted Drills

Compact Drill 1Multi-Power is pleased to offer two new rig designs, our Limited access geotechnical drill and the Rab-It drill. The limited access geotechnical drill was designed to complete work on drill sites where access is limited and/or environmental impact must be kept to a minimum. Compact enough to drive through a standard door frame, the rig has a width of just 34 inches and a height of 68 inches when configured in travel mode. The rig can run both hollow and solid stem auger. It can also be adapted to drill air rotary (RAB and reverse circulation). The rig can complete standard geotechnical tests (soil sample, SPT, etc.) on sites that cannot be accessed by larger traditional truck mounted drills. The RAB-It drill was designed to provide a compact, productive drill option for first pass mineral exploration. The rig can easily be broken down for helicopter transport and can drive right in to the back of a Skyvan aircraft. The rig can be configured to drill RAB and/or reverse circulation. The highly mobile rubber track design allows the drill to tackle any type of terrain. Coupled with a 300 CFM x 200 PSI compressor, the rig can drill to depths beyond 100 meters. Contact us today for more information on these two new drills.