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MP500 Diamond Core Top Drive w/ Swivel

The MP500 diamond core top drive features a robust direct drive bearing pack and bolt-on high-speed water swivel. The MP500 top drive is used on the MP500 man-portable core drill. Available with sub adapters to virtually any thread, the MP500 top drive can be used to run A to P diamond core tooling with W/L, TW or WT threads. The simple, lightweight, top drive design is ideal for portable drill builds and diamond core conversion kits.


  • Lightweight, simple bearing pack design

  • Can be adapted to most drills

  • Top drive – Can be used to run any type of tooling/thread

  • Bolt-on high speed, side inlet water swivel

IMG_20160821_153647.jpg MP_500_Rotation_-_blue.jpg MP_500_Rotation_-_Portrait_fix.jpg
MP500 Diamond Core Top Drive w/ Swivel Specifications:
Style: Direct drive bearing pack w/ bolt on side inlet water swivel
Max RPM: 1500 RPM
Max Torque: 1500 ft-lbs.
Lower Connection NWJ box – Can be adapted to run A to P tooling
Components: High strength alloy steel
Hydraulic motor: Rineer two speed vane, Char-Lynn and Commercial gear options
Lubrication: No lube oil required
Water swivel: Bolt on, side inlet, high speed water swivel
Weight: 72 lbs.