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PI RC/RAB Top Drive

The PI rotation unit is a simple, medium-duty, top drive that can be used for RAB (rotary air blast) or reverse circulation drilling. The PI features a chain and sprocket drive design, floating keyed spindle and a top connection for an optional RAB swivel or combination RC swivel. The PI top drive is used on the Prospector I RC drill. It is also the standard for larger diameter RC conversion and multi-purpose drilling packages. The unit is ideal for larger diameter RC and RAB drilling to depths up to 300+ meters. Floating spindle connection options include 2-7/8” Reconn, 4” and 4.5” Remet, and Metzke threads. The PI top drive can be configured with a high-speed coring option for multi-purpose applications. It can also be configured with a planetary and piston motor for higher torque auger drilling requirements. The simple, easy to maintain design makes the PI top drive ideal for exploration air rotary drilling.


  • Simple chain and sprocket design

  • Ideal for air rotary drilling to depths up to 300+ meters

  • Can be used to drill both RC and RAB

  • Multiple floating spindle connections available to suit most tooling (Reconn, Remet, Metzke, API, NWJ)

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MPP PI RC/RAB Top Drive Specifications::
Style: Chain and sprocket drive w/ floating spindle
Max RPM: 200 RPM
Max Torque: 3500 ft-lbs.
Spindle: Floating spindle w/ box lower connection
Lower Connection Optional – NWJ, API, Reconn, Remet, Metzke
Components: High strength alloy steel
Hydraulic motor: Char-Lynn low speed, high torque motor
Lubrication: No lube oil required
Swivel: Top mounted, thread on swivel options available
Weight: 390 lbs.